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Yay I'm pregnant (1st trimester)
30 min
Block (or large book) & blanket/pillow.

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Yay I'm pregnant (1st trimester)

30 min Gravidyoga
Vi anbefaler, at du læser vores retningslinjer for gravidyoga, inden du går i gang.

The triangle pose symbolises the yogic viewpoint, that there are always three aspects to life, and nothing is black and white. While the initial discovery of a pregnancy is generally joyful, it is also overwhelming and for a lot of women the physical and hormonel challenges in the body are pervading every space of their former lives. As you may struggle with mixed emotions, tiredness, worry, aches and morning sickness; it can be so nice to flow freely through a safe dynamic yoga practice and let out some steam. This video will grant you some much needed energy, and also alllow you to realease some fear and frustration.

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