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Sleep like a baby
30 min
Guidet afspænding & ro, Meditation & åndedræt, Mentalt fokus, Sov godt
Blanket, pillow, block, bolster - anything that will make you lay comfortably.

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Sleep like a baby

This is a 30 minute Yoga Nidra class with a Power Yoga twist to it. Yoga Nidra means "Yogic Sleep", but actually this deep awareness practice helps us to wake up to this world and it's possibilities.
The technique utilises a thorough body scan and sound work. When we deeply relax the nervous system we stop utilising energy to keep ouselves heated up; therefore blankets, warm clothes and socks may be a good ide. Your bed could also be a great prop for this class.
This class is a part of the yoga series 'Soothe Your Inner Child'. In this series, we aim to reconnect with the truth, wisdom and curiousity of your own inner child. We go through the various stages of the child and look at the children, that are all inside of you. Because, they are all still in there! And they need soothing. 



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