Power to the People (eng)

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'Power to the People' is designed to empower you and everyone else watching.

The word yoga means "union", and for too long we have been seperating mind, body and soul. With 'Power to the People', we are aiming to put you back together with an open heart – ready to receive, a strong and supple body to support you, and a powerful and present mind to help you reach your goals.

How to use this series
'Power to the People' consists of six different videos that all are intended to empower you one way or the other.

Choose the one that speaks to you or fits your schedule. Shift between the different videoes throughout the week to establish a well-balanced yogapractice that empower your body, mind and soul.

Introduction to 'Power to the Peopl...
     7 min
 Niveau: 1-3
Power Yoga med Maj
This video is an introduction to the series 'Power to the People', which is designed to bring empowe...
Stamina & Sustainability (Eng)
     45 min
 Niveau: 3-2
Power Yoga med Maj
Investigating economy of movement, thought and action; this is a strenght and stamina building Power...
Chakra cleanse (ENG)
     20 min
 Niveau: 2-3
Meditation & ┼ndedrŠt med Maj
In this 20 minutes class, you are invited to meet your chakras, which has very little to do with aur...
Power Hour (Eng)
     60 min
 Niveau: 2
Power Yoga med Maj
Dig in and discover your true potential. All of us are so much more than can be seen with the eyes,...
Wild Warriors (Eng)
     30 min
 Niveau: 2-3
Power Yoga med Maj
An intense and invigorating take on Sun Salutations and Warrior flows. You are invited to play like...
The balancing breath (ENG)
     15 min
 Niveau: 1
Meditation & ┼ndedrŠt med Maj
Most of our modern lives are based around YANG - the doing energy. Very little emphasis and respect...
Twist and shout (ENG)
     30 min
 Niveau: 2-3
Power Yoga med Maj
Not only do most of us eat more than we need, we also take in far too much information and stimuli....

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