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Honey, I'm Home – part 1 (ENG)
20 min
Detox & fordøjelse, Energi & vitalitet, Smidighed & mobilitet, Yoga for kontorkroppen
Hofter & Psoas
At least one block (or thick book), a bolster (a neatly folded blanket will do as well)

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Honey, I'm Home – part 1 (ENG)

20 min Power Yoga

Do you ever feel like a stranger in your own body? Are you a "desk jockey" working long hours in front of a computer? Then this video is for you!

Returning home to your breath, body and the reason why you are here; while we work on the inner thigh muscles, which have become strangers to us from a life of sitting down. Your balance will also be strengthened in this flow, and you can do it anytime of the day.

Try the series 'Happy, healthy hips'
This video is a part of the series 'Happy, healthy hips'. In this series, we will loosen up, stretch, tone and detox the hip area as well as build up strength and release responses that does not serve you anymore.

According to yoga anatomy, we store whatever we cannot deal with in the present moment in the hips. For most of us dealing with the present moment is hard in itself, and this can show up as physical tightness, bad posture as well explosive emotional outburst - or the exact opposite: an apathetic attitude and feeling of numbness.
If this sounds like you, then this series is for you. 
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