Slow Flow

In this series, you wil be flowing from pose to pose, working with your breath in beautiful flows. Instead of just turning from pose to pose, we turn it into one fluid movement, to really start feeling the yoga instead of just doing the yoga.
Slow Flow can be done by anyone, who wishes to start building a deeper strength when you move, as well as engage in between the poses. Building strength and engaging in between poses will eventually promote an increased presence in your practice, which is so important in yoga. You stop thinking about the goal and the next pose, and you start being in the moment - feeling your body, feeling the movement. 
Slow Flow is the essence of who Nina is as a yoga teacher. The series is what she teaches in her classes back home in the US. 
How to use this series
Slow Flow consists of six yoga classes, each with their different theme - spine, balance, twists, hips, backbends and breath. Although centered on different themes, common for the classes is that they focus on the fluidity of the movement, cultivating being in the moment. Do one class a day for six days. Rest for a day and repeat untill you feel that you master the skill of 'slow flow'. 

Lengthen your spine (Slow Flow 1) (eng)
     30 min
 Niveau: 1-2
In this class we are gonna work on lengthening our spine by using our front body strength. The flow...
Balance in transitions (Slow Flow 2) (en...
     30 min
 Niveau: 1-2
This flow explores the movement in between the poses and our ability to balance - the balance in tra...
Twist and flow (Slow Flow 3)
     45 min
 Niveau: 1-2
In this class we explore twists within the flow, and how see how we can lengthen into the twists. Th...
Hip opening & pelvic floor engagement (S...
     30 min
 Niveau: 1-2
In today's class we work on hip opening with pelvic floor stabilization and kidney wheel engagement...
Engange your back in the bend (Slow Flow...
     30 min
 Niveau: 1-2
This class is all about starting to incorporate strenght into your backbend and engaging your back i...
Contraction/expansion with your breath (...
     20 min
 Niveau: 1-2
In this delicious flow, we work with the expansion and contraction of the breath. We'll be working o...

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