Organic Basics Series

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In this series you get a small taste of the basic, beautiful flavours of the world of yoga. We have tried to capture a little bit of what a yoga practice can offer you - the calmness and the release from yin, the heat, the power and strength from the vinyasa, and a practice for beginners. In other words, this is a great opportunity for you to dive into some of the essential things that yoga can to offer you.

How to use the series
The Organic Basic Series consists of four different videos that all introduce the basics of yoga in each their way; a basic flow, a beginner video, a video to build basic strength and a video to completly unwind. The idea is that you can pick and choose which video that accomodates your needs best at the moment.

Introduction to Organic Basics Seri...
     7 min
 Niveau: 0-3
This is a short introduction to the Organic Basics Series. I this series you get a small taste of th...
Organic Movement
     30 min
 Niveau: 1-2
Welcome to this 35 minutes, flowy practice. The sequence offers many wavelike movements which allows...
The Yoga Basics
     30 min
 Niveau: 0-1
Are you new to yoga? Then this is the perfect place to start. In this sequence we work with the abso...
Basic Strength
     30 min
 Niveau: 1-2
This is a vinyasa sequence with flow and inbuild strength. You will do a lot of core work and practi...
The Essentials to Unwind
     30 min
 Niveau: 0-2
In this class, you get the chance to unwind through a slow yin sequence that will give you the tools...

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