New Beginnings

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Spring for many means new beginnings and fresh starts. You might be at a place where you feel it’s time to add new projects to your life or even let some go. And what a great idea! When we embark into ‘new’ things we tend to not fully understand how to do so, or how to do it without reaching too high, setting ourself up for failure. This spring course is build up around that. It’s five shorter classes that can support you onto building up or rebuilding a regular practice over time. And time is of the essence. 
How to use this series
The series consists of five classes of 30 minutes each, that can help you getting started with yoga, and/or build up a regular practice over time. The short duration of each class makes it manageable to find time to do yoga each day. However, it’s okay to miss a class without feeling defeeded, same way that it’s okay to have a piece of cake without going nuts and eating the whole thing. This should be something you do for yourself, not something you do to give yourself more to stress over not getting done, or not getting done right. The art of starting something new is not to set the bar too high and give up, when you feel challenged or skip one or two days of yoga practice. Do the classes in the sequence indicated below - one class each day. However, if your body tells you to do a specific class one day or repeat a class, feel free to do so. It is your pracitice and all bodies are different. 


Intro to 'New Beginnings'
     7 min
 Niveau: 1-3
This is a short introduction to the spring series 'New Beginnings'.
Spring for many means new begin...
Start up gently (New beginnings 1)...
     30 min
 Niveau: 1-2
When we start something new, we can be prone to push ourself too much and tire ourself out. This cla...
Build up strength (New Beginnings 2...
     30 min
 Niveau: 1-2
Once you feel you have some of the basics down and are ready to start pushing yourself a bit, this c...
Pick me up (New beginnings 3) (ENG)
     30 min
 Niveau: 2
This is a real "Monday" class. Monday in this sense is the having to get back onto the hor...
Take a breath (New Beginnings 4) (E...
     30 min
 Niveau: 2-1
If today has been extra busy, and getting to the mat seems quite hard then this class is for you. We...
A day of power (New Beginnings 5) (...
     30 min
 Niveau: 2
This class is perfect for the days where you feel an overflow of energy, and you really want to give...

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