15-Days Autumn Challenge: Graceful Transition

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'Graceful Transition' is a 15-days autumn challenge that aims to help you through to the season of autumn with warmth, calmness, focus and grace. 

Autumn is a time of transition and change and it is quite evident everywhere around us. Nature is drawing in, the trees undress in preparation for winter. Temperatures are beginning to hint the classic crispiness of autumn and the wind is slowly gathering strength.

In Ayurveda, the sister science of Yoga, autumn is qualified as the 'Vata season'. It is dry, rough, windy, unpredictable, cool, subtle and clear. When these qualities are dominant in our surroundings, they have a tendency to also show in your mind and body. In your mind, it manifests as anxiety, lack of focus, hyperactivity, and in your body it shows as low back pain, muscle weekness, dry rough skin etc. In order to bring balance and harmony into your life during the season of autumn, you will therefore benefit fom focusing on the opposite qualities such as stability, grounding and calmness.

This 15-days autumn challenge will help you balance out Vata to help you gracefully transition from summer to autumn and from autumn to winter. 

Who can join?
This challenge is for everyone who wants an autumn with balance, groundedness, calmness and grace. It is an advantage, if  you are familiar with yoga, however, you do not need to be a very experienced yogi to join. No matter your level, make sure to listen to your body. Challenge yourself, but don't push yourself too far. 

How to use the series
In this challenge, you will be practicing yoga every second day in the order given below. The challenge consists of 8 practices, with 8 themes and specific physical focuses. When you have completed your 15 days challenge, you can revisit each of the practices in any prefered order.

All practices start of with a brething execise, followed by a physical practice, finishing off with savasana/meditation. The classes will give you a sense of warmth, grounding, stability, and focus, which has such a profound calming effect, and can work wonders during Vata season (fall). We will be working with deep, soft and fluid ujjayi breath - not forcefull or strained - and we will practice Nadi Shodhana pranayama - the alternate nostril breathing. The breathing execises will help us find stability and rythm, so we don't get swept away by the wind. Our movements will be slow, intentional and fluid - keeping our body connected to the earth through steady, strong foundation to increase the sense of grounding.


Niveau 1
Dag 1: Ground & Connect to Source

45 min Hatha med Hrönn Kold Sigurđardóttir

Welcome to the first day of your 15 days autumn challenge. In this class, we mindfully ground oursel...
Niveau 1
Dag 3: Open & Energized

30 min Vinyasa med Hrönn Kold Sigurđardóttir

Welcome to the third day of your 15 days autumn challenge. Today, we will be practicing a sequence o...
Niveau 1
Dag 5: Slow & Steady

45 min Hatha med Hrönn Kold Sigurđardóttir

You are on day five of your autumn challenge! Well done. In today's class, we'll use the breath to s...
Niveau 1
Dag 7: Stability & Ease

30 min Hatha med Hrönn Kold Sigurđardóttir

You are now half way in your autumn challenge. Today's practice draws on the classical yoga text: &q...
Niveau 2
Dag 9: Kind & Loving

45 min Vinyasa med Hrönn Kold Sigurđardóttir

Welcome to a delicious, all-round practice that focuses on cultivating love and kindness towards our...
Niveau 2
Dag 11: Clarity & Focus

30 min Hatha med Hrönn Kold Sigurđardóttir

Most of us often get caught up in our thoughts, and jump from one thought to another. During fall, w...
Niveau 2-3
Dag 13: Spacious & Calm

45 min Hatha med Hrönn Kold Sigurđardóttir

In this class, we will be connecting to the spaciousness in our inner body through lots of leg and h...
Niveau 1
Dag 15: Relax & Let Go

45 min Restorativ med Hrönn Kold Sigurđardóttir

Get ready to realx and let go in the final day of your autumn challenge. In fall, nature is slowing...

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